About WABE Entertainment
WABE Entertainment is an independent media production company that was formed in 2004 by brothers Ben & William Honeyball. The company was created to produce the duos' first feature film, which they produced at the age of seventeen. (At the time, they were listed as Britain's youngest film-makers).

'Spring Heeled Jack' is a British horror film that was produced & edited over a period of 11 months (between July 2004 and June 2005) and the film is tells the story of one of England's most famous supernatural villains, who returns to wreak havoc in the modern day. It features young up-and-coming actors Matthew Butler, Philip North and Alice Bird and was premiered at the Curzon Cinema, Soho in October 2005. 'Spring Heeled Jack' was subsequently released on DVD in 2007. For more information about the film, or to purchase a copy of the DVD, please visit the 'Productions' section and click on 'Spring Heeled Jack').

Since 2005, WABE Entertainment have expanded their knowledge and expertise in the field by working on a number of productions including Short Films ('Emma' - Produced in association with TestTube Productions), Documentaries ('AirCadets' - produced for the RAF), Music Videos (Barefoot Confessor - 'He Doesn't Love You') and TV Programmes ('Ghoul Skool').

The WABE Entertainment team offer a range of services from editing (HD, SD, shorts, features, music videos, TV series, showreels) to sound mixing, ADR recording and full film, video & DVD production!
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