Since it was founded in 2004, WABE Entertainmnet has worked on a number of projects ranging from documentaries to live events. There are two major projects that the team have produced over the last couple of years - one is a feature-length British horror film and the other is a paranormal-themed documentary series. 'Spring Heeled Jack' was released on DVD in 2007 and the first episode of 'Ghoul Skool' was completed in 2008. It is available to download at To find out more about these projects, click on the images below.
Year: 2007 Run Time: 88mins Format: DV
Produced by Ben Honeyball
Story by Adam Scrase,
Ben Honeyball & William Honeyball
Written & Directed by William Honeyball
Starring Matthew Butler, Kayleigh Costin, Philip North, Alice Bird, Alan Doney and Brian Plumber
Year: 2008 Run Time: 45mins Format: HDV
Created by
Adam Scrase, Ben Honeyball &
William Honeyball
Featuring Kaddy Lee-Preston, Richard Felix,
Mark Webb, Ian Lawman and Dr Krissy Wilson
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