'Spring Heeled Jack' is the debut feature film by WABE Entertainment and is based on the chilling legend of the supernatural Victorian criminal Spring-Heeled Jack. The story is set in the summer of 2004 and takes place one hundred years after the last documented sighting of Spring-Heeled Jack. Sam Walker and his friends find themselves the target of Spring-Heeled Jack upon his sudden return. After the deaths of several friends, Sam must turn to a mysterious immortal woman for help as he discovers why he has been chosen by the supernatural killer.

The film was produced by Ben Honeyball, written & directed by William Honeyball and photographed by Adam Scrase. The principal photography took place over the (relatively short) period of two weeks, with extensive pick-ups and re-shoots later used to refine the story. The film stars a host of fresh British actors including the talented Matthew Butler (The Da Vinci Code, Holby City), Philip North (The Sarah Jane Adventures) and Alice Bird (Messiah, Notes on a Scandal) and was entirely filmed in the South-East of England.

A hefty post-production period followed the main shoot with William tackling the editing , Ben scheduling the re-shoots and liasing with the sound department, and Adam designing the miniature models of the British Museum and Victorian street. The actors were called into the Aumeta studio to re-record their lines (known as looping or ADR), an ex-BBC Foley Artist also joined the team to help bring the soundtrack alive, and composer
James Cobb began work on the music for the film.

'Spring Heeled Jack' was premiered at the Curzon Cinema in Soho and attracted wide media interest (mainly due to the young age of the Film-Makers), with the creators being interviewed live by the BBC prior to the screening. After a complete sound remix and extensive interviews, the DVD was released on Halloween 2007.
The Special Edition 2-Disc DVD is available to buy for just 4.99!!
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