'Ghoul Skool' is a project that has been in the making for a number of years. The WABE team had conducted a number of ghost hunts at allegedly haunted places across Sussex (their home County) for the best part of five years. Ben and William had been interested in ghost stories and the paranormal since childhood and took part in these vigils as a hobby.

After finishing work on their debut feature, 'Spring Heeled Jack', the team decided their next project should be of a different nature and it was suggested that they made a pilot episode for a potential series. It was William Honeyball who put forward the concept for 'Ghoul Skool' as a six-part series focusing on the ghost stories of Britain. He wanted to make the show different from other paranormal programmes by documenting a journey across Britain and by studying a whole County each week rather than one or two locations.

The first episode for 'Ghoul Skool' is set in Sussex and includes a study of the county's most famous spooky stories as well as an overnight investigation at Michelham Priory (one of the most haunted places in the UK!) The show is presented by Kaddy Lee-Preston (BBC1's 'Inside Out') with the aid of paranormal experts Richard Felix (LIVING's 'Most Haunted') and Mark Webb (ITV2's 'Haunted Homes'). A number of other experts and enthusiasts join the team during their stay in Sussex to help them understand more about the county's fascinating ghost legacy and also its vast history.

'Haunted Sussex' is produced by Ben Honeyball and Adam Scrase from WABE Entertainment and directed by William Honeyball. The episode is available to download now from new website www.loadsadownloads.com. The team are currently working on the next episode of the series...
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